The following abstracts have been accepted for presentation during IWDSP2018:

  • A dynamic scheduling approach to internal hospital logistics (Farzaneh Karami, Wim Vancroonenburg, Greet Vanden Berghe)
  • Approximation algorithms for energy efficient scheduling of parallel jobs without migration (Alexander Kononov, Yulia Kovalenko)
  • FPTASes for minimizing makespan of deteriorating jobs with non-linear processing times (Nir Halman)
  • General inequalities in the set dependent scheduling (Maxim Barketau)
  • Minimizing total absolute deviation of job completion times on unrelated machines with general position-dependent processing times and job rejection (Baruch Mor, Gur Mosheiov)
  • Minmax scheduling and due-window assignment with position-dependent processing times and job rejection (Gur Mosheiov, Assaf Sarig, Vitaly A. Strusevich)
  • Precedence constrained parallel-machine scheduling of position-dependent unit jobs (Bartłomiej Przybylski)
  • Scheduling non-monotonous convex piecewise-linear time-dependent processing times (Helmut A. Sedding)
  • Scheduling non-preemptive data gathering affected by background communications (Joanna Berlińska)
  • Single machine scheduling to minimize total completion time under positional and cumulative deterioration effects (Alan Soper, Vitaly A. Strusevich)
  • Some remarks on preemptive scheduling of jobs with a learning effect (Marcin Żurowski)
  • The multi-scenario scheduling problem on a single machine and on a two-machine flow-shop system to maximize the weighted number of just-in-time jobs (Dvir Shabtay, Miri Gilenson)
  • Two matheuristics for problem 1|pj=1+bjt|ΣCj (Stanisław Gawiejnowicz, Wiesław Kurc)

The final form of accepted abstracts can be found here.